“How I met Your Dad” is happening… really.



For the past weeks there have been rumors of a “HIMYM” spin-off series that would have the very original and though off name of “How I Met Your Dad”. I’m serious. First of all, If you’re gonna do it, do it right, It should be called “How I Met Your Father. Anyway, CBS has confirmed that it’s moving along with the plan of making this series a reality. I think this is George Lucas all over again. Enough with the Star Wars saga. It was a success, we all get it. Move on already.
Look, I’m a big fan of HIMYM, I think it’s a great show. I’ve been watching it since day one and I have to say, I really, really love it. Even though y think that the best part of the show was the first three seasons. After that it started to go really bad for me, then, some time after season 5 it started to get better again, but never as good as it was at the beginning. Having said that, I think that HIMYM should end right where they are planning to do it. Having a spin-off series is going to be (in my opinion) a disaster. I mean, it’s a real chance to taint the name of a great comedy that has made us laugh for the better part of a decade. Seriously, how many spin-offs can you think of that never worked? I can certainly name a few:  That 80s show was crap, Joey (Friends spin-off), Baywatch Nights, I’m not saying that Baywatch was good, but it certainly was a success, people loved it.
There are tons and tons of them out there.
I really think this show shouldn’t be made. Sure, it can be really good, but it can also be really bad, and for that possibility alone, I would never do it.
Having said that, I hope they make it a good one because I love HIMYM and I think the failure of HIMYD could splash on the original show. That’s what I think.
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Christian Jaaniorg

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  • unkystan

    One word: Frasier. Two more words: Major Crimes.

    • Luis Alberto Caro Marchesi

      Two more words: Baywatch Nights, lol I forgot about that one

  • Wilmer Villalobos

    I don’t like the idea AT ALL